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Geronemo vom German Dream - BH, AD, ZTP


HD: B1, Heart: 0 (echodoppler), 24 hour holter clear, DM: Clear, ARVC: Negative
Multi Ch Gandi di Solaro Greco - IPO1  -x- Aivengo Mulana - ZTP, AD

Ch Black Knight of Kellaney


Academy Award of Kellaney

Artistic Performance of Kellaney

Pedigree of Academy Award and Artistic Performance of Kellaney:

INT CH Aeschylus vom Schattenboxen
Loko vom Igneshof -x- Lady Leike vom Igneshof

Forever in my heart:
Makro del Benicadell

Marc del Benicadell
October 26 2004

HD: A1, Heart: 0 (echodoppler), several clear 24 hour holters, DM: clear, ARVC: Negative
ATIBOX CH Future vom German Dream VPG 1, BH, AD, ZTP, Korung A -x- Festa del Benicadell
 0625framesmfq1.jpg picture by vomschattenboxen

Ulan del Benicadell
ATIBOX CH Neo de los Omeyas IPO 1, ZTP -x- Yasmin del Benicadell RCI 1, BH, ZTP
3-6-091headusesm.jpg picture by vomschattenboxen
Brock vom Schattenboxen
July 9 2009
HD: Excellent, Heart: 0 (Echo, Cardiologist A: 1.54 m/s P:0.97 m/s), 24 hour holter clear, DM: Clear, ARVC: Negative
(Hip & Heart tests done at almost 5 years of age)

Marc del Benicadell -x- Delilah de la Verdiere

Bass vom Schattenboxen
Marc del Benicadell -x- Delilah de la Verdiere
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