Please double check to be sure all of your contact information is correct.
Puppy Application
*Email Address:
*Your home phone number
Your website address
*Your City, State, and Country
Name and telephone number of a reference: (vet, neighbor, etc)
*Have you owned a Boxer before?
If not, have you owned another larger breed or working breed before?
*What animals do you currently own. Give a detailed list ie: gender & breed (if none put none)?
*Have you ever given a pet away before, if so explain:
*How many audults and/or children live in your home? Please include the ages of children:
*Where will the Boxer be during the day and night, how long will it be alone and where will it be while left?
*Where will the Boxer sleep?
*Is everyone equally excited about getting a new Boxer?
*Why do you want a Boxer?
*Is gender and color important to you? If it is list what sex and color you are looking for:
*What potential are you looking for? (Pet, Show, Working)
*Do you want to breed your Boxer? Explain if you do.
*Are you willing to wait for a year or more to get a puppy from us?
*Are you willing to crate train and obedience train?
*Do you live an active lifesyle?
Finally, Please take the time to tell me anything else you feel I should know about you:
*By filling out this application I certify that I am who I say I am, I am not a puppymill, and will never be involved with puppy mills, brokers, or pet stores.

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