About me and my beliefs:

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and about myself and my dogs as well as a little bit of my beliefs. My name is Leslie and I am the person behind Schattenboxen Boxers. I am fairly new to breeding, showing, and working in the Boxer world and I admit this to everyone I speak with. I am interested in finding out all of the information I can about this exceptional breed and find myself asking a lot of questions to learn. I do not know everything, never claim to, but I do offer help and advice to those who ask. The advice I offer is based on my experiences and those experiences that other respectful and knowledgeable breeders have guided  me with. As always, my opinions and my advice are just that, my own, and I do not believe in telling anyone what to do or how to do it. Take what I say with an open mind, with a grain of salt, and for what its worth and do not think that I am telling you what to do, but rather what you could do, or what I might do if it were me.  I have only bred and raised one litter in my home to date and do not breed often.

My first litter was the "A" litter born on September 17 2005 and consisted of 7 lovely puppies. Six of these puppies posses a pure working drive and desire with natural working abilities! They showed very high promise to excel in tracking, protection, and obedience. Not only was this litter a success in drive, but also conformation! Five of the puppies had very promising conformation. This goes to show that there should not be a division of "working lines" vs. "show lines" and that there are bloodlines that can perform the tasks they were meant to do and still have correct conformation.

I do not take breeding lightly. All of my dogs are health tested before breeding and I do not make any breeding decisions based on how much money a certain test will cost. Breeding is expensive and takes money, time, and dedication. It usually costs more money to responsibly raise a litter than what you will receive from the sale of the puppies. 

I live on 5 beautiful acres and have separate large enclosures that are of adequate construction and safe for the dogs to run and play in so that I may separate individual dogs during certain times if necessary. I feel that proper containment is the only way to keep your dog safe when they are playing outside and the safety of my dogs is NO exception. If one dog can get out others can, and it only takes a second for an accident to happen. I hope and pray that this would never happen to my dogs because I care about them so much. No amount of money is too much to pay for their complete safety.

 My dogs are kept inside when they are not enjoying themselves outside or in a training session and I do not promote breeders who raise their dogs in kennels or who have facilities to keep their dogs outside of their home. My dogs live cleanly and they receive the best vet care possible. I strongly believe that the health and well-being of my dogs comes first and foremost over any thing else and that the only way for a Boxer to be happy is to be with its family. Because my dogs are raised on a Raw diet they are rarely sick, but do receive the proper check-ups needed. My puppies receive the proper in-home care needed, see a vet several times, and have the appropriate vaccinations before they even leave my home. I do not believe in over vaccination and feel titres is sufficent. 

The dogs I own are named Aschera vom Schattenboxen, Loko vom Igneshof, and Makro del Benicadell. These three dogs possess the true Boxer character, charm, and wit that Boxers are so well known for. They also are excellent representations of the breed with fine working ability and great structure.

I mentioned that my dogs are fed a raw diet. I believe that this is the best food choice for all dogs. My dogs really benefit from a species appropriate natural diet with no grains. Grains were not meant to be digested by a carnivore, nor were vegetables. They have been linked to cancer, yeast problems, allergies, etc. The Boxer is already prone to cancer and allergies...why make things worse? Also, since dogs were designed to eat meat and not man-made kibble, their digestive tract does not fully asorb the kibble. In my experience feeding raw has resulted in very little to no gas (which Boxers are known for) and their waste is firm and easy to pick up and dispose of. Feeding raw also helps dramatically in cleaning the teeth of my Boxers. Boxers can be prone to gum disease and this diet actually can help prevent this horrible problem and eliminate teeth cleaning and gum surgery! There are so many benefits to feeding a raw diet that I could go on and on! My dogs are so much healthier and happier!!

I will not be breeding a litter for awhile. I am taking a break to focus on other things and do not feel I am ready to bring another litter into this world until capable because of this I do not expect to breed until 2008 at the earliest. I feel it is the responsible thing to do and will not have any litters just because I have intact dogs. As I said before breeding dogs takes money, time, and pure dedication. If any of those things are lacking in a breeders life then breeding should not occur. I am also waiting until I find out the health results on as many of the puppies in my first litter before making any decisions and will be finding the best suited male for Aschera, provided that she passes all of her health tests. However, my males are still available at stud to approved bitches.

While I am on the subject of breeding I will let you know that while I do think that all Boxers are the same I do not believe in breeding dogs that do not conform to the Boxer standard and that includes the white Boxer and the so called "black" Boxer.
The Boxer standard in all countries states what colors are acceptable to be shown. Dog shows are the way breeders "show off" their "breeding stock" (in registries that are reputable like the American Kennel Club) so while the standard only states fawn and brindle dogs may be shown and does not specifically address the subject of breeding dogs that are not to standard it does not have to be said - because most breeders know that dog shows are an evaluation of breeding stock and all breeding stock should be evaluated so only Boxers that conform to the standard should be bred or sold as a breeding or show dog.  I am not saying that white Boxers are any less and should be destroyed, as they should not be killed...but they are not to the written Boxer standard so they should not be bred from as per American Boxer Club rules. Sure, there might be a wonderful specimen of the breed that is white; and sure the white Boxer is no more unhealthy than its colored littermates, but there are several other Boxers in this world who are colored that have just as many good qualities who actually conform to the standard.

If you would like to speak with me about my beliefs and how my dogs are raised then feel free to get in touch with me. If you would like to schedule an appointment to come view my dogs and the house we live in then please do!! We have welcomed many people into our home to interact with our dogs and see the wonderful conditions in which they are  raised. In fact I am happy to say that most people are very pleased with my dogs, appreciate that I do not raise my dogs in a kennel, and comment on how happy and social my dogs are.

I strongly urge people NOT to buy puppies from those who own a multitude of dogs and kennel them. There are some people who have kennel facilities that appear great, but they keep too many Boxers and there is no way these loving creatures can get all the attention they deserve...they are not true Boxer lovers. Just because someone has a quality facility does not make them a good breeder. In fact I believe it promotes the opposite and as one example: Puppy millers can have excellent quality facilities. Does the fact that these people; who produce litter after litter, and have high quality facilities mean that they are a good breeder and perform the necessary tests needed to raise a quality litter? No Way!! Do not judge a breeder based on photos alone and be wary if they promote their "immaculate breeding facilities". You must go see them in person. The condition of the dogs and the heart of the breeder will tell you all you need to know. There is no need for fancy landscaping or fancy kennels. If they are USDA licensed even worse! RUN away from them.

I also want to warn you against people who say that all dogs from European lines are from strict health tested and proven lines and come across as if their dogs and the breeders of their dogs are the best and healthiest line in the world. The fact is that some of the health tests we perform on our dogs here in the USA are not performed in some countries in Europe (no data = no proof!!) and there is not one single breeder in Europe who is the best and produces the best, but rather a collection of many breeders throughout all of the countries in Europe.  
Thyroid tests and the 24 hour holter monitor are not widely performed in Europe and even the echodoppler is not widely performed! The only health test you see widely on a foreign pedigree is the Hip Dysplasia test and the echodoppler has only begun to be used within the past 10 years or so..in fact we in America are in general a much richer society and capable of having these costly tests done more readily than a lot of countries in Europe so auscultation of the heart is the main source of "heart clearance". Simply put...there is not one bloodline or individual Boxer that is healthier than the rest. In general, the breeders in Europe have done an excellent job keeping the health problems to a minimum while keeping the structure and working ability as well, but to say a dog or a line is  free of any genetic defects and will not produce health problems is a very, very incorrect statement. However, there are some countries in Europe that do keep stricter controls on health and they test hips, heart, spondylosis, and in some cases elbow and patella.

I don't believe in mating a dog or a bitch before the age of 18 months!
A Boxer needs to mature and have the appropriate health tests performed before mating.

I have had the good fortune to come in contact with breeders who are very knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge. I will always be thankful for their kindness and while I do understand that two people can have totally different beliefs, I still respect them and understand that, and am grateful for their kindness. I am grateful for the mentors that I have...

All of my imports were shipped to me by their breeder and they arrived with an excellent attitude and took to me immediately and they learned English in a matter of days. This goes to show the excellent care the breeders took in raising their dogs and the true love they have for the breed. I only wish to do business with reputable breeders in Europe (and America) who are known for caring for their dogs as they should instead of mass-producing litter after litter and sending even the worst quality dogs to those who want the best. One of the breeders I admire and wholeheartedly respect is whom I have imported a dog from. He is Javier Mompo & his family - of Benicadell Boxers. I am grateful that they care enough about their dogs to stay in contact with me and I would not have it any other way.

I take great pride in my dogs and when I produce a litter I try hard to keep in contact with the owners of our precious puppies. I feel that it is wrong for those who buy a puppy from a breeder and then decide not to keep in contact with them. I also feel it is in the best interest of myself and the owners of my puppies to keep in contact with me, and if necessary, to put differences aside and act as adults so that the dog does not suffer. I want to see my puppies in various stages of their lives and I feel that denying the breeder that right is completely uncalled for and that breeders who do not care about the puppies they produce are not responsible breeders. I care so much about my dogs and the puppies produced by me.

If you are looking for a puppy soon I would be happy to assist you in finding excellent - quality breeders who have the best interest of their dogs at heart and who do not use them as propaganda to make themselves appear to be better than everybody else.

Feel free to contact me anytime!!


With respect,

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